Hobby Craft + Primark Haul (kind of)

^ not sure if you can count this as a haul!

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’ve all had a good weekend ūüôā it seems I have been paid a day early this month ūüéČ and to celebrate I have been shopping! Usually, I go a bit over the top but this trip I *fortunately* had my boyfriend to reign me in. I have been humming and ahhhring about which crafty things I should do this Autumn, so while I was in Hobby Craft I finally went with a leaf wreath! Not too sure how this will go down, but I will evident it all on here.

Like always, this shopping trip was very unorganised and I did leave there thinking that I still didn’t get everything I wanted! But hey ho, at least I have some cute ribbon.

  • Rattan Wreath ¬£4
  • Ribbon ¬£2
  • Wreath Hanger ¬£2
  • Card Making Kit (4 cards each kit) ¬£4

I now have the task of going around my woodland paths and collecting leaves. I will try to not look like a crazy lady too much!


Now, with this top I definitely feel like I am stepping back in time! I could have been best buds with my Mum wearing this back in the 70’s lol.¬†

Turtle necks aren’t really my thing, I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn one since ’95. There’s a 90% chance this will be returned…


Although I get a 70’s vibe from this (correct me if I’m wrong!), I LOVE it! I am loving the burnt oranges and brown shades which seem to be on trend this season. Which is just as well because I never seem to be on trend! Haha. Also, a nice top which I can wear to work. Pretty hard to find tops which I can wear on the weekend and wear to work due to clothes being cropped or showing the little cleavage I have!


It’s getting colder, what can I say! Can’t say no to faux furrrr.


I have been looking for a velvet bow choker for what feels like ages. If they had it in different colours I’d honestly buy them all.

Matte nail varnishes in shade ‘khaki’ and ‘cool nude’ ¬£1.50

Matte liquid lipsticks in shade ’04’ and ‘ 02 pink in excess’ ¬£3

NOW THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN EXCITED FOR! Primark have definitely stepped up their make-up game. Here you can see matte nail varnishes and matte liquid lipsticks. From what I can gather, people must have caught wind of these as the display was cleared and these were all I could get my sweaty hands on!

If you would like me to try any of these items out please let me know! I am so excited for the make-up, I wonder how the liquid lipsticks compare to Kylie J’s Lipkit? Let me know if any of you have tried these items ūüôā



What’s my age again?


This time last year, I was hosting a Halloween party in my new house with all my friends, drinking ‘cocktails’, playing beer pong and blasting crap tunes. This year, I’m sat at my desk, at half eleven at night and wondering what the hell happened. What kind of young person am I! I scroll through my news feed on Facebook to be greeted with a bombardment of selfies of people at parties or out, and I feel grumpy. Not because I’m jealous and wish I had been invited. I’m grumpy because I should want to be out socialising and getting hammered. The only way I can describe the way I’m feeling as ‘been there, done that’. I am literally the embodiment of my own Dad…

Who else would choose house work rather than going out? This gurlll here.

I haven’t carved the pumpkin I bought from Asda, I’ve not baked my Betty Crocker ginger cake and I have¬†not made the leaf wreath I was so desperate to make. Is there such a thing as not being arsed in autumn? If not, I am going to start the movement.

This is where I start debating if I have dwindling numbers of friends? Have I changed as a person in the space of a year and now no one likes me? Lol probably.

Point is, everyone’s lives are changing. And everyone is growing up. I recently turned 22 and I do think that in your early 20’s¬†a lot of change occurs. People move away, people get partners and some people have babies. And then that just leaves me, still here, unchanged. My boyfriend is still playing the shitty game he was playing last year, and hasn’t lifted a finger in terms of house work, surprise!

I was disappointed to find out that I wasn’t working tonight, Halloween is quite a fun time when you work in a pub. At least then I could be doing something that doesn’t involve talking to myself!

Apologies if this is ranty, but I am being that miserable cow.


Reading Week Reluctance


^ The Berlin Wall – “Save Our Planet”.

So this week in the U.K it¬†has been half term break, a time where school children get a week off to enjoy Autumn and do Halloweeny things. As I work in a school, this means I too get the break (yay)! I have also been given a week off at university to have a reading week. But instead of using this opportunity wisely and completing the many tasks and reading I have, I have been to Berlin, chilled and drank lots of tea… not a single page has been turned. Now, it’s pretty obvious that I should be getting on with it as I go back on Monday. I think the majority of students can agree with me when I say that in these situations, I start to find the most mundane tasks, such as wiping the floors, a higher priority than reading about the barriers to equality for health care professionals…

I currently have my cousin living with myself and my boyfriend, who is currently in her final year of her degree and is studying like crazy. I thought that having somebody who is also studying would motivate me, especially as she comes home and hides away for hours until she has done her work. I, in fact, just feel even lazier and can’t muster the energy to get up and do something about it. Actually, this post is just making me feel SO guilty as it’s all I have been doing. Priorities.

It is high time I get off my ass and do something. I think the fridge needs a good clean…


Gotta get Thru This


^photo taken in Bar 203 in Berlin’s TV Tower- the highest location I have had a cosmo!

I feel like I need one of these cocktails after getting my head around WordPress! Post Numero Deux!

So today I am going to tell you about what I did once I found out about my half-sister…

I would like to say that I handled it¬†like the mature 21 year I was, but looking back I handled it the best way I could. I am so lucky that I live with my supportive boyfriend, who put up with my emotional outbursts and stupid decisions. The night I found out, I took to Google with what little information I had and started the overwhelming task of finding out more. In my pursuit, I found a marriage certificate between my Dad and the woman he had a child with. I couldn’t believe my eyes. With this woman’s name, I scanned through countless birth certificates hoping to find my sister’s birth certificate¬†but had no success. At this point it was now 4am and¬†Stalker Casey started to kick in. Turning to the thing I know best, I searched for my Dad’s ex-wife on Facebook hoping it would unveil my half-sister.¬†It didn’t take long to find who I thought was a match… She was blonde, potentially at the age of my half-sister and had similar facial features. Maybe I was clutching at straws¬†with the last one.¬†After a few months of mulling it over and checking my certainty, I finally messaged her. Confession time I probably shouldn’t have messaged her through her work email (cringe), but I had no other option! She responded fairly quickly, and to my disappointment told me that the information did not match her and wished me luck on my search. I was GUTTED. I was so, and still am,¬†sure that this woman was my half-sister…

Since then, I have not¬†continued my search and have spent¬†some time thinking about what¬†I want out of this. Do I want to know this¬†woman?¬†Would she want to know me? Is there a reason my Dad doesn’t want me to know?¬†So¬†on and so on.¬†Growing up, I always had a feeling that there was something more to my life that I hadn’t discovered yet. Since discovering this addition, this feeling has disappeared. Maybe I have a sixth sense!

I don’t know anyone else who is going or has been through a similar scenario, but I would be really interested and somewhat comforted to hear other peoples experiences.


Welcome to Casey’s World

image.jpegHello guys and gals, I’m Casey. I am using this blog as a place to basically word fart, and hopefully receive some common sense from you all.

Last year, I found out that I have a half-sister and surprise surprise… I kindaaa lost¬†my shit.¬†Turns¬†out she is 18 years¬†older than me,¬†and that’s just about all that I know because¬†my Dad (also her Dad) doesn’t want me to know. Dilemma.

My tiny brain exploded. Just to give a brief incite-I used to have a little sister but she passed away when I was 7. I had to get used to being an only child, to now find out that I share my DNA with someone else! So yeah. A part of me would like to find and meet this woman, but then this would mean rocking the boat with my parents, as my Mum has me sworn to secrecy. Anyone want to swap lives!? Lol Jokes.

If anyone has any advice or comments, pleaseee feel free to leave a comment. You never know, I might be able to provide some pearly words of wisdom myself!